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Our expertise

Thanks to three keys of expertise areas, MiXscience  Permanently developing our service and in-field culture in order to better assist you on a daily basis.

Thanks to a unique combinaison of expertises in Chain value & Quality, Nutrition & Zootechnics, and Premix Formulation  & Galenic, MiXscience differenciates its position on premix and Innovative Solutions segments.


  • 1Chain value & Quality : Consultation in organisation of sectors production
  • 2Premix Formulation & Galenic : Premix formulation and galenic expertise, for adapted products and to take into account farmer’s objectives, the species of animal and their particular stage of physiological development
  • 3Nutrition & Zootechnics : Zootechnical expertise and nutritional
    Creation of nutritional and mineral solutions

At the very heart of our commitments, we believe in sustainable human relationships with our partners, based on strong values that include:

  • Good listening skills
  • Responsiveness
  • Confidentiality
  • Trust and compliance with our commitments
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